Online Slots Strategy for South-Africans

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 Why is it we love the slots so much? Table games are fun too, but slots have something different about them....What is it??

Its the rush, the excitement, the risk!! Living fully on the edge and really enjoying every moment!


Understanding the slots:

To understand what slots are and how we can play to increase our winnings we first have to take a glimpse at the workings of a slot machine:

Slot machines today are a lot different than their early cousins were! For the most part they are very sophisticated computers with sophisticated Algorithms.

This is good for the casino player!!

How come?

Well these days both land based and online casinos are monitored with a falcon eye! The Gaming Control Commission and Gamblers Association makes sure that old tricks and cheats are no longer employed, making sure you stand a fair chance of actually winning!!! That’s great hey!!


How do Online Slots Work?

Online slots work based on something called a RNG. RNG stands for: Random Number Generator and does exactly what is says it does: it generates random numbers!! These numbers are completely random and follow no set rules or patterns. That means that you really have a chance of winning and winning big!! A RNG generates these random numbers at a constant rate 24/7 and never ever stops as long as the computer is active. Each symbol on the slot reels have a certain number assaigned so when you put R1.00 in the machine and press “spin”, the machine will match the symbols on the screen with the RNG numbers if the WILD SYMBOL has a value of 4 and the highest paying symbol a value of 7 and the RNG gives the result as:

REEL 1: 4

REEL 2: 4

REEL 3: 7

REEL 4: 7

REEL 5: 4

Then you will see:






Then you are in for a massive, massive win!!

So how do you make the most of this and break the casino?


Basic Slot Strategy:


get a good bankroll going  so you can bet higher and play longer… that may sound harder than it is, in fact using our bonus links to awesome casino’s it is easy to get a huge bankroll for a few pennies:


Choose the correct machine:

Some Machines are plain horrible!! Always choose a machine with at least 15 lines and 4 Reels when you are playing to make a profit. The more lines and the more reels, the better because that gives you a better chance of winning.  Another important thing is to only play on machines that give bonus features and free spins. Also play at machines with a lot of wild symbols and a good pay table.


Build your bankroll:

Only play what you can afford to loose! This is important but not nearly as important as how to apply your money.

There are two basic ways of betting:

  • High Volume/ low play
  • Low Volume/ High play

High Volume/ low play suggests that you bet a high amount per spin but play less. For instance Betting R10.00 for 10 spins = R100.00 .

Low Volume/ High play suggests that you bet a low amount per spin but play more. For instance Betting R1.00 for 100 spins= R100.00 .

Personally I like both ways of approaching the slots but I usually start of small and work my way up. This really works for me!


Jackpots versus small wins:

If you play a progressive jackpot always bet max!! Otherwise you are not going to get the full payout and that is a very stupid idea! Sometimes playing for some small wins is a better idea as the common rule always applies: The bigger the jackpot the smaller the chances of winning.

You are now officially ready to play an informed game of slots, so what are you waiting for?

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